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CyberSecure 360
end-to-end cyber security for mid-sized NZ businesses

CyberSecure 360 provides products and services that help secure businesses from cyber-attacks and threats that lead to loss of valuable business information.

Unlike other providers we create a step-by-step plan for your business and create a framework that allows products, polices and processes to be plugged in so you can become increasingly secure over time.

Each deliverable provides visible and measurable security value.

With CyberSecure 360 you can actually see your business becoming more secure over time – reducing risk and protecting your reputation.


Cyber-crime affects all of us.

58,000 NZ companies have been hit by cyber criminals in the past two years. The estimated cost of cyber-crime in NZ is $250m to $400m per year.

12% of organisations don't even know if they've been hacked.

For NZ companies the reputational risk to directors and CEOs is too great to ignore. A company needs to develop an appropriate end-to-end security approach and this needs to be driven at the executive level.

CyberSecure 360's Approach to Security

Implementing a suitable security position is a journey while maintaining it requires ongoing monitoring, testing and reviewing.

When you engage with CyberSecure 360 we identify the most immediate high risk issues and address those first.

We'll work with your team to understand your business and develop a security roadmap that's just right.

We'll then recommend the actions you need to take over time and in the right order addressing the highest priority risks as budget and resources allow.

It's a modular framework with plug-in solutions that's easy to understand and provides faster speed to value.

Monitoring and Rapid Response

If you have a security incident you need to move fast.

You need to stop the ransomware before it propagates and shuts down your business. You need to identify the Trojan that's leaking your data out during the night or keyboard logging someone in your accounts team.

When it happens it happens fast.

That's why CyberSecure 360 offers remote monitoring of your networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We'll have the event on the screens at our monitoring centre and we'll be resolving it before you realise there's a problem.

Not Just Products

Security technologies are only part of the approach you need to take to security. We've developed a simple best-practice security framework that considers software, policies and processes – staff policies, asset and threat registers, staff awareness programmes and incident response plans.

It's a holistic approach with nothing left out that will see your organisation become increasing secure over time.

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The CyberSecure 360 Approach

  • Framework

    • Perimeter

    • People

    • Monitor